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Derby Bakery Edibles cross the finish line First! Check out our product reviews!

  • EDIBLES MAGAZINE - BEST OF EDIBLES 2016 - (1st Place Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups / 2nd Place Lucky Lemon Cookies: Best C02 extraction from SVN10 Creations)
  • 2016 EMERALD CUP WINNERS (2nd Place Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups / 8th Place Lucky Lemon Cookie)
  • I love edibles that don’t taste like cannabis and The Triple Crown Chocolate-Pecan Cookie was a perfect balance of great taste with easy dosing. Loved the chocolate chips, and being able to reseal the bag is perfect for keeping a half eaten one fresh. Soft, chewy and accurately potent! - Meadow Medical Cannabis Delivery
  • Derby Bakery Caramels are perfect for a good nights sleep. The 10 mg dose is just enough to keep me asleep most of the night. I don't wake up feeling groggy, like I do with the prescription drugs I had been taking. This is a great holistic healthy approach. I am very pleased with the result. - Cannabis Veteran Patient.
  • My favorite Derby product is the Peanut Butter Cups. I like the fact that the THC is just in the peanut butter. I especially like the peanut butter, it’s fluffy and silky inside. The cup also allows me to cut it in half very easily and their packaging is made so I can put back ½ an edible, and it will not get stale. I also keep my peanut butter cups in the fridge, and they last even longer. Good deal Derby Bakery. - Sonoma Cannabis Patient
  • I love love love the Lucky Lemon cookie. It is unlike anything I have purchased at my local dispensary. The package keeps the cookie fresh because I can only take 20mg out of the 40mg. I like the cookie so much, that sometimes I want to eat more. If I put the cookies in the microwave, they are warm, soft and melty. - Local Sonoma Cannabis Patient
  • I think Peanut Butter Cups are the greatest food on earth and it is impossible to eat too many…well, maybe if they have cannabis in them. Derby Peanut Butter Cups are the perfect combo of milk chocolate and mousse-style peanut butter. The effect of the cups is a good mix of indica and sativa; a unique mixing I really enjoyed in an edible. Maria – Medical Cannabis Patient
  • Derby Bakery is definitely on track with their edibles, they are delicious and well dosed. I enjoyed the flavor profile; it wasn't earthy, as so many edibles are. I particularly liked the Peanut Butter Cups, smooth chocolate, with fluffy peanut butter inside. One of our patients reported 1/2 cookie allowed him to replace a Norco, and the only downfall was munchies. Bravo for a well made product from packaging to pallet! Thank you for the donation. – MedVets
  • The Lucky Lemon cookie is an excellent combination of zest and sweetness. I really like the white chocolate chunks mixed in with the salt of the macadamia nuts. It's a nice soft cookie and it's very unique. The dose was perfect, not too heavy. I am new at this, so I appreciate the lower dose. - Baby Boomer Cannabis Patient
  • Derby Bakery bakes edibles for my soul, I gave tired all their products and they are made with much love and devotion, I thank you. – Medical Cannabis Patient
  • I absolutely loved the Lucky Lemon Cookie with the white chocolate Macadamia nuts. The dosage was spot on and the over all affects were very relaxing, and still kept me uplifted through out the day, exactly what I needed. – Honey Comb Software
  • The Chocolate Brownie cookie is a nice combination of roasted pecans and BIG chunks of chocolate. It also tastes awesome with a glass of milk. Haha. Really! The dose is perfect for me, as I am currently battling cancer. The THC they used, also helps stimulate my appetite, just enough and not too much. - Cancer Cannabis Patient
  • The Derby Bakery peanut butter cups are more like a truffle than a peanut butter cup. The medicine dose is perfect for me; a good combo of Sativa and Indica. It really works well on my body and all of its aches. Annie at Derby Bakery spent a lot of time with me working on my dose. As an older cannabis patient, I really appreciate the handhold. - Baby Boomer Cannabis Patient
  • We really appreciate all of the donations the Derby Bakery provides the Veterans groups of Marin and Sonoma County. I am a veteran and I have PTSD. I have used all the Derby products, and the effect is perfect for my disorder. The best product, in my opinion is the Lucky Lemon cookie. It's different than most of the other edibles, I've seen on dispensary shelves. Having access to these products has been very helpful for our Veterans. Much appreciated Derby Bakery. - Marin County Veteran
  • Derby Bakery’s Jackpot Caramels are soft, smooth and chewy with a rich buttery finish. 10mgs per caramel in a pack of 4 makes it easy to dose in a discrete manor. Well done Derby, it is my lucky day! – Poppy Products
  • The Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups are the best bet! They are a perfecta blend of chocolate combined with rich fluffy peanut butter. I ate them right before bed as a desert and they assisted with a full nights sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed! – Nate, Medical Cannabis Patient
  • I can not get enough of the Derby Bakery salted caramels. Period. It’s a perfect taste, a perfect dose – caramel perfection! – Medical Cannabis Patient