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“Track Record”

Out the gate in January 2016, Derby Bakery produces award-winning, gourmet cannabis edibles. Our baked goods are hand-made in Northern California, with locally sourced ingredients. We feel accuracy and consistency cross the finish line first when it comes to cannabis edibles – that's why Derby Bakery products are lab tested and infused with a hybrid, (Sativa dominant), CO2-extracted THC oil. We also use high-end, food-grade, re-sealable packages that ensure freshness.

We like to say that our products are a “Trifecta of Taste!”

Around the track on a serious note, Derby Bakery believes cannabis heals. We strive to help patients think about cannabis on a new level - as holistic medicine and a healthier approach to wellness.

Derby Bakery believes cannabis can be a natural, non-addictive alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.  We support our patients by providing affordable and safe edibles for comfortable experiences with cannabis. Our specially written “Education to Eating Edibles Guide” is included inside each package.

Derby Bakery gives back to the community by donating our edible products each month to various organizations. We honor the laws of the State of California, help to educate the public, and advocate for the reform of the California marijuana law.

Bottom line bet: Derby Bakery supports patients and their rights - it’s a personal freedom to choose what is best for the mind, body and soul and we hope to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being for all our patients.

“The Winner’s Circle”

Derby Bakery is a member of Women Grow, the Sonoma County Growers Alliance and the California Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). We support California NORML, International Cannabis Business Convention (ICBC), Elevated Cannabis Compliance Conference, and the Sonoma County Emerald Cup. We are partnered with Canapa Brands Distribution, Meadow Medical Cannabis Delivery, Weed Maps, HelloMD and Women Grow. We advertise in Edibles Magazine.

“Good Bets”

Derby Bakery donates to the patient compassionate programs of the following organizations: Mercy Wellness, United Patients Group, MedVets, Harborside Health Center, Magnolia Wellness, Grow for Vets, Sonoma Patients Group, Peace in Medicine, Veterans Cannabis Group, Mindful Cannabis Consulting, Absorb CBD, Weed for Good and many more to come.

As cannabis consumption becomes more accepted, Derby Bakery believes it is important that accurate information is equally available along with quality edibles. Derby Bakery shares our knowledge in “The Club House” blog and “The Post Parade” monthly newsletter.